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At Creative Jolt, we’re not just about clicks; we’re about real, measurable success. Our philosophy centers on a “Leads First” approach, where the focus is on generating new leads and customers for businesses that are starting, struggling, or seeking to grow.

Founded in 2015 by David Pehrson, our agency began as a web design business. But a partnership with a bathroom manufacturer led David to discover the game-changing potential of targeted lead generation. He developed a lead generation system that utilized precise ad placement to reach people actively searching for specific services. This approach, combined with a strategic jolt of creativity, has turned many small companies into thriving, growth-oriented entities.

David’s recognition of the transformative power of PPC advertising led Creative Jolt to shift its focus solely to this avenue. Since then, we’ve grown into a Certified Google Partner, emphasizing our expertise and dedication to helping businesses succeed through Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Creative Jolt serves businesses across the United States and Canada. Our nearly decade-long journey has been driven by our commitment to innovation, strategy, and creative advertising, all fueled by A.I. technology.

Our mission is clear and compelling: to deliver customers to businesses, whether new, struggling, or expanding. We offer one mighty jolt of strategy and creativity, with a focus on maximizing budget and ROI. Our proven methods and systems ensure that businesses connect with the right customers at the right time.

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  • Your Google Partner: As a Certified Google Partner, we have the training, tools, and expertise to optimize your ad campaigns. You can trust us to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging Google’s enhanced targeting systems combined with our propriatery strategies for superior results.
  • Leads First Approach: Our primary focus is on generating new leads or customers. Every strategy we deploy is designed to put your business in front of potential clients who are actively seeking your services.

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CREATIVE JOLT ℠, based in Omaha, Nebraska, serves businesses like yours from coast-to-coast. Your business matters and we don't mess around. Delivering quality results is our topmost priority in bringing you more business by serving you the very best in progressive online technology and strategies.

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