Introduction to Marketing Minute with David Pehrson

by | Nov 11, 2021

Hi, I’m David Pehrson, Founder, President, and CEO of Creative Jolt.

Creative Jolt is a Lead Generation Funnel Agency, increasing your web conversion through smart websites, SEO & paid search.  In short summary, a specialized digital marketing agency.

I started Marketing Minute Podcast, to share with you my internet marketing secrets.  These same secrets that has allowed my agency to produce countless number of leads to small businesses throughout the United States.

My goal is to help enhance you as a person, educate you on the Business of Search, provide important details never discussed in web design, and much more strategies along with philosophical principles of internet marketing and advertising.

I will like to thank Spotify for making possible for me to distribute this Podcast on all major platforms to be heard on.  It’s an incredible tool that I’ve been utilizing for over a year now to deliver my content.

You may also catch Marketing Minute Podcast Live on YouTube.  Please visit for more details on how to watch and listen.  I look forward to speaking with you.